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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy refers to a number of related approaches to treating emotional disorders by psychological techniques rather than by physical means.

When is it used?

It is used to help you learn about yourself.  In some cases you learn by coming to understand your past and how it relates to your present situation.  In other cases, you become aware of typical responses, certain situations that cause problems in your life and learn how to successfully change those responses.

How long does psychotherapy take?

Psychotherapy can take a few sessions or many years, depending on the extent to which issues are explored.  Your progress will be evaluated continuously. 

How do I prepare for psychotherapy?

Keep an open mind and allow yourself to develop confidence and trust in the therapist.  Being able to be open and honest with your therapist is important. 

What types of psychotherapy are used?

In psychotherapy you talk to your therapist about yourself and your personal problems while he or she suggests ways to help you better understand your problems and find ways to more effectively cope with these problems. 

Psychoanalysis is a form of intensive psychotherapy in which the analyst is a form of intensive psychotherapy in which the analyst will help you explore deep subconscious feelings and experiences from childhood.  Analysis is usually conducted three or more times a week for a number of years. 

Couples counseling is a form of therapy that involves a couple focusing on the problems in their relations. The therapist encourages improved communication.  This type of therapy assumes that behavior is learned and that both partners can learn new behavior patterns, including better communication.  Sometimes, a contract or agreement is written to specify how behavior will change. 

Family therapyis a form of therapy that treats the family as a whole rather than focusing on individual members.  It is based on the idea that a troubled person cannot be understood separately from his or her home environment.  The therapist encourages open expression of feelings among family members.  Family therapy is often used for families with children who have behavior problems and families dealings with abuse, serious diseases, or other traumatic events. 
Group therapy involves several (usually eight) people with similar problems who don't know each other before meeting regularly with a therapist.  The discuss their problems with other another and with the therapist.  Group therapy is most effective for dealing with personality problems, alcohol and drug dependency, eating disorders, depression, and other problems. 

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